1200 PIECES: Becky Watts Murder and Dismemberment Explored

Mar 6, 2015 - 0 Comments

Detectives working the Becky Watts murder and dismemberment case are examining over a thousand bits of evidence this week, including her severed body parts.

They’re hoping all these will somehow shed light on why her very own stepbrother kidnapped and killed the pretty British teenager.

Watts mysteriously vanished from her house in Bristol on February 19, 2015, the shy girl’s uncharacteristic absence sparking a frantic search for her and a nationwide manhunt of epic proportions for her then-unknown abductors.

Turns out, those heartless perps were closer to home than anyone might have expected, and no strangers.


Stepbrother charged for Rebecca Watts murder

Twenty-eight-year-old Nathan Matthews was arraigned this week for the horrific murder and dismemberment of his unfortunate stepsister; in a televised courtroom appearance mumbling his name and address to inquisitors, but refusing to enter a plea of either innocence or guilt.

Matthews’ live-in girlfriend, Shauna Hoare, 21, was also brought before the magistrate. She’s charged with deliberately perverting justice by “consistently lying” and providing her boyfriend with other assistance in covering up his heinous acts.

Five more of the devious duo’s cohorts are also in police custody as investigators try to determine the extent of their roles in one of the UK’s most sensational and repugnant crimes to date, and to ascertain if there are anymore accomplices still at large.

Missing Becky Watts Murdered and Dismembered

1200 pieces in the Becky Watts murder investigation, and counting

An intensive forensic analysis of the roughly 1200 pieces of evidence collected so far in Watts’ gruesome slaying is currently underway in Britain, and yet more clues are being uncovered with every passing day.

In an attempt to allow that investigation to proceed unhindered, officials are declining to release any further details of the highly-publicized homicide, stating that all “allegations have been well-rehearsed in the press” and "there are still people helping the police with their inquiries.”

However, as the public’s outrage and hatred of the suspected killers continues to mount, it’s obvious the shroud of secrecy now descending over the Rebecca Watts inquest is being placed there for their own protection as well.

And in one final cruel twist to an already twisted case, Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare have yet another victim who authorities must additionally concern themselves about now: The jailed twosome are the parents of an innocent infant daughter.



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