#BeloitLion #Alert - Is the Milwaukee Lion Actually a Cougar?

Aug 3, 2015

#BeloitLion #Alert: Reports of a cougar sighting in Beloit Park are further rattling the nerves of Milwaukeeans who’ve had enough of the big but seemingly harmless cat that’s allegedly roaming the city and its suburbs. 

The elusive animal dubbed the Milwaukee Lion has skillfully sidestepped hunting parties and avoided food-laden traps for weeks already; and it now appears that the tricky kitty is a shape-shifter as well, changing overnight from a mountain lioness into “a cougar.”

Two city employees say that is precisely what they saw a few days ago on the loose in Beloit Park: a cougar-ish big cat. And, as unlikely as that might be in metropolitan reality, their sighting has resulted in the installation of a large beware-of-the-cougar sign by municipal authorities.

However, a spokesman for the Beloit Police Department doubts the credibility of any such reports, since cougars tend to be even more shy than lions, and are apparently quite rare.

"Without a professional, someone who knows what a cougar looks like,” he said, “we don't know if there's a cougar."

True that.  But, then again, nobody knows for sure if there’s a lion either, yet reports of both types of supersized felines keep coming in, and, as every day goes by without either one being captured, fears are running wild in Wisconsin.

Real or imagined, police are urging all those who tink they’ve seen a puddy tat -- lion or cougar -- to alert the Rock County Sheriff’s Office at 608-757-2244, but to dial 911 if threatened by the critter.

This tall-fish-got-away-again big cat story is developing. Please check back again for more Crime Magazine updates.

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