The Case of the Backwards Shorts

Oct 14, 2009 - by Peter Davidson - 0 Comments

FountainHill PA

Kathleen Foley staged her husband's murder to look like it was part of a robbery, but she left behind one telling detail.

by Peter Davidson 

Kathleen Foley tried very hard to convince cops she didn't kill her husband -- and she almost succeeded, but a backwards pair of shorts undermined her efforts to get away with murder.

With no weapon, no witnesses, and few clues, cops and prosecutors had a very difficult case.

Just before 6 a.m. on July 31, 1998, Kathleen dialed 911. "I need help," she told the dispatcher. "My husband won't move."

Police officer Edwood Buchman was the first to arrive at the couple's modest home in Fountain Hill, Pa. Buchman found a gruesome scene: 39-year- old Joe face down in bed in the upstairs master bedroom, his head bloodied by four bullet wounds, his 400-pound body covered with a white comforter and a maroon pillow.

He was wearing only a pair of gym shorts that were on backwards and not pulled fully up. An empty money clip was on the floor beside the bed.

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