Cal Schoonover

Cal Schoonover is from Janesville, Wisconsin. He is pursuing a Masters Degree in Military History at American Military University. After that he hopes to obtain a Masters in w His writings have appeared in The Surratt Courier, a journal relating to Abraham Lincoln. Cal maintains a blog at

Mar 14, 2016
Twenty-two-year-old grad student, Betsy Aardsma, was stabbed to death among the book shelves of the Pattee Library at Penn State University in 1969. Her murder remains unsolved.  by  Cal Schoonover The slight breeze combined with the cold November air was...
Jun 12, 2015
The murders of heiress Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse were far from perfect. Though no direct evidence linked her son-in-law to the crime, circumstantial evidence -- the $8 million his wife would inherit -- made him the obvious suspect.  by Cal Schoonover Elisabeth...
Apr 20, 2015
Five days after General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox, ending the Civil War, John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln at Ford's Cal Schoonover By the time President Abraham Lincoln and his party arrived at Ford’s Theatre, the play Our American...