FBI: Possible Lynching in Mississippi

Mar 19, 2015 - 0 Comments

A possible lynching in Mississippi is being investigated by the FBI right now, with federal agents working the case in conjunction with the state’s law enforcement agencies. 

The African-American victim’s name has not been released as yet, but he had been reported missing by his family approximately two weeks before his body was found today hanging from a tree in a wooded area not far from his home.

An FBI evidence team has also arrived, but at this time agents indicate they don’t know whether it’s an actual crime scene they’re processing in Claiborne County, or maybe a suicide.

Local authorities have been extremely tightlipped about the matter, refusing to respond to any media requests for comment.

However, an agent Jason Pack from the Bureau issued some brief remarks to the press, assuring the public that investigators were trying quickly "to determine the cause and manner of death."

Racial tensions have been exceptionally high in the U.S. lately, following a number of recent shooting deaths of unarmed black men by white officers.

Now, the grim possibility of a lynching in Mississippi -- a state infamous for its violent oppression of blacks -- is bound to just further antagonize.


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