Michael McDermott Murders Seven Co-workers - 2000

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Michael McDermott

by Michael Thomas Barry

Software engineer Michael “Mucko” McDermott was a strange looking man: tall, overweight with a long bushy beard and shoulder length hair. On December 26, 2000 he went into work at Edgewater Technology in Wakefield, Massachusetts, armed with an AK-47, 12 gauge shot gun and a .32 caliber pistol. There he brutally murdered seven colleagues.

When the police arrived McDermott was sitting down calmly and oddly informed them that he didn’t speak German. When he came to trial in April 2002 McDermott announced that he had been born without a soul and that God had told him that he could earn one by going back in time to kill Nazi. He said he believed he was killing Adolf Hitler and six other Nazi generals when he killed his colleagues. Prosecutors produced evidence from McDermott’s computer that showed he had researched how to fake mental illness. They stated that the real reason for the shooting was that McDermott was furious that the company was intending to dock his wages to back income taxes. On April 24, 2002, McDermott was convicted on seven charges of first degree murder and sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.   

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