Phony U.S. Air Marshal Had Assault Rifle, Body Armor and 8300 Rounds of Ammo - NY

Dec 8, 2015

New York officials may have thwarted a domestic terror attack late last week during a traffic stop in Long Island. 

Acting on a tip, Nassau County patrolmen pulled over a heavily armed white male “posing as a U.S. air marshal” on Thursday morning.

They say 49-year-old Marc Vicars produced a phony badge and even activated emergency lights on his vehicle in an effort to dupe legitimate police officers.

Inside the fake cruiser cops allegedly found at least one “loaded” assault rifle, as well as other weapons and “high-capacity” ammo.

The suspect was also dressed in terrorist garbs, including body armor and a military-style vest.

He was taken into custody on suspicion of plotting an attack and for impersonating a federal agent.

A search of Vicars’ Syosset New York home over the weekend revealed over 8000 more rounds of ammunition and more than a half- dozen “illegal firearms” stashed throughout the premises.



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