Scott Peterson: The Pregnant Wife Killer

Oct 6, 2010 - by Denise Noe

Scott Peterson

For murdering his pregnant wife and unborn son, Scott Peterson became one of the most reviled husbands in the annals of crime.

 by Denise Noe

Laci Peterson is missing!

On Christmas Eve, 2002, Scott Peterson called police to report that his 27-year-old wife, Laci Peterson, was missing from their one-story, ranch-style Modesto, California home. Laci was seven and a half months pregnant. Doctors had given her a due date of February 10, 2003. A sonogram had shown the fetus to be a boy; the parents planned to name him Conner.

When the police arrived, Peterson told them he left home alone that morning for a fishing trip to the Berkeley Marina in the San Francisco Bay, 85 miles to the west. He said his wife told him she intended to walk their golden retriever in a nearby park and then shop. “Scott Peterson asserted that he had returned home to find Laci’s Land Rover in the driveway of their Modesto, California, home, and the couple’s golden retriever, McKenzie, in the backyard, alone, with his leash on,” according to forensic psychiatristKeith Ablow in his book, Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson.

Before calling police, Peterson called his mother-in-law, Sharon Rocha, and said Laci was “missing.” Mrs. Rocha thought her son-in-law sounded strangely calm for a man whose wife’s whereabouts were unknown.

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