Secrecy Surrounds the Death of Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside [Wisconsin]

Aug 12, 2015

Weeks after his corpse was found, secrecy surrounds the death of Dr. Whiteside, found deceased in the great outdoors with a “discharged” .22-caliber firearm next to his decomposing body.  

The popular pulmonary specialist had weirdly vanished from the Whitesides’ vacation house in Ephraim Wisconsin on June 29th, immediately following a heated dispute with his spouse at the village yacht club and marina.

Shortly after that quarrel, Kathi Whiteside returned alone to the couple’s Grand Chute residence about a hundred miles away, and waited there several days before finally reporting her husband was missing.

She then lawyered up and actively barred investigators from searching the Whiteside family’s resort home for clues in his disappearance. A decision which understandably raised a number of eyebrows, especially when the missing man was later discovered dead.

Today, the exact cause and manner of Dr. Whiteside’s untimely demise still hasn’t been released, with both police and relatives remaining tightlipped about the “ongoing” investigation, and what, if anything, it has unearthed so far.

As this mystery grows, the doctor’s colleagues, friends and patients await “closure” of the matter, which most believe can only come with disclosure of his cause of death and the circumstances that led up to it.

A smoking gun -- the pistol found by K9s along with the body of Jeffrey Whiteside -- is a perplexing detail that those who knew the 63-year-old well find difficult to reconcile without such an announcement.

Did Dr. Whiteside commit suicide in the woods and, if so, why? Was he murdered? Whose firearm did he have with him, since it wasn’t one of his own? And could it, perhaps, have been accidently fired?

Not even the landowner on whose property the physician died is talking anymore.

Eponymous Rox

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