Eponymous Rox

Eponymous Rox researches and writes about cops, curs, and killers. His next work in this special true-crime investigative series is titled Killing Killers: How the World’s Wickedest Got Whacked. Also fully-illustrated, Killing Killers is slated to premier in winter of 2012.
Nov 9, 2012
by Eponymous RoxThey vary in size, shape and color, but today’s newest breed of killers, whether they mass murder at random or select victims individually, have at least one trait in common: They’re young people obsessed with their joysticks who’ve seriously lost a grip....
Nov 2, 2012
JUSTICE, COLORADO STYLE:by Eponymous RoxIf the teenage killer of ten-year-old Jessica Ridgeway thought that being “cooperative” with police, and even leading them to the schoolgirl’s missing body parts hidden in the crawlspace under his home, would encourage prosecutors to be...
Oct 31, 2012
by Eponymous RoxHe has facial hair, strategically carved into a small goth-styled goatee, and a pair of soulless eyes scarier than those of Charlie Manson. But, to the astonishment of police and expert profilers, the methodical killer who kidnapped, assaulted, murdered, and...
Oct 22, 2012
[the Jessica Ridgeway abduction and murder]by Eponymous RoxMental health experts estimate that one in a hundred individuals worldwide are bona fide psychopaths. One percent doesn’t seem that big a deal in the scheme of things, of course, but it’s still not a number to scoff at...
Oct 8, 2012
Oct. 8, 2012 AVAILABLE NOW IN AMAZON’S KINDLE STORE AND BARNES & NOBLE’S NOOKBOOK STORE by Eponymous RoxKilling is just child’s play. A game. In fact, it’s so easy, you can plan it out on a computer, if you’re smart enough. And he is smart. A real genius, they all say:...
Jul 5, 2012
Special to Crime Magazine An excerpt from The Case of the Drowning Men: Investigating the Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory by Eponymous Rox. The police are calling them accidents. They say young men are simply drinking too much and meeting a tragic end in icy lakes and...