Activist Vandals Dislike Facebook Headquarters in Hamburg - Germany

Dec 14, 2015

The defacement of Facebook’s headquarters in Hamburg Germany over the weekend coincides with a national criminal probe into the social media network’s alleged anti-refugee stance. 

Activist Vandals Dislike Facebook Headquarters in Hamburg - Germany

About 2-dozen hooded people clad in black have vandalized Facebook’s brick-and-mortar offices in Hamburg by smashing windows, throwing paint bombs and spraying “Facebook dislike” graffiti at its entrance.

The motive behind their Sunday attack of Facebook is likely related to recent complaints concerning the “failure” of the company's German representatives to delete xenophobic posts directed at Moslems and refugees.

The executive head of Facebook’s European division, Martin Ott, is at the center of Germany’s online hate speech investigation and is also stationed in the city of Hamburg.

The controversy there -- and Facebook defacement -- comes at a time of heightened international terror alerts and never-before-seen numbers of immigrants seeking asylum in Europe and abroad; most of whom are fleeing Islam.




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