ALERT: Police Seek Victims of Phony Cancer Doc

Jul 18, 2015

Police this week began searching for victims of a phony cancer doc who operated in the El Cerrito CA area and advertised his *physician* services online. 

Vincent Gammill, 69, is now in custody at the Contra Costa county jail for his bogus cancer-treatment scam which California authorities fear has ensnared an untold number of cancer-afflicted patients.

Police were tipped off last month about Gammill’s medical and criminal fraud when a 49-year-old woman contacted them concerning dubious prescriptions, applications and “cures” he prescribed her.

The late-stage cancer victim had approached the fake clinician via his Web page after traditional healing methods failed her, but was evidently unaware that Gammill wasn’t an actual licensed doctor.

According to the criminal complaint, she gave him about $2000 in June, for which she received multiple plastic "baggies with different powders, empty capsules, vials of liquids, commercially produced medications with expired shelf life dates (including medications labeled in Russian) and a baggie of dirt."

Some of those meds were in fact quite noxious, investigators said, and others dangerous at the dosage levels recommended by the abusive scammer -- none of them, of course, cured cancer.

In addition, massive quantities of morphine, steroids and heavy-duty sedatives were also discovered at Gammills’ brick-and-mortar locations. However, a search for his name on national licensing databases of those legitimately practicing medicine in the United States came up empty.

The El Cerritio “practitioner” was arrested and charged over a week ago, but it appears that he’s been exploiting the terminally ill for years.

Thus, the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit is now working with local law enforcement to find any other victims of the phony cancer doc, and urge all patients who had dealings with him to call 925-313-2600 immediately.

SoCal victims can alert the PCU at 805-383-8700, or email detectives at pharm.tip @


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