Amish Girls Sexually Exploited Spared Testifying (plea deal)

Apr 8, 2015

Two kidnapped Amish girls sexually exploited in upstate New York will likely be spared the additional trauma of having to recite their ordeal in court, officials hope. 

The couple that abducted the children from an outdoor produce stand last summer have now been offered a plea deal in an effort to avoid a courtroom spectacle that experts fear can further traumatize the young victims.

Prosecutors also say the matter involves other anonymous youngsters as well, and settling the criminal case behind closed doors would eliminate the possibility that their names are divulged.

Stephen Howells, 39, and Nicole Vaisey, 25, were charged last summer with luring and abducting at least six young children, including two Amish girls ages 7 and 12, then graphically exploiting their captives.

Evidence collected from the pedophile twosome’s home indicated they had shackled the kids and sexually abused them while filming the acts on a home computer.

Because of the massive search for the missing Amish girls, defendant Howells is also suspected of planning to murder them; but allegedly his girlfriend, Vaisey, convinced him not to.

The latter’s defense attorney maintains she was the “submissive” in a denigrating “master slave” relationship with the older man, and therefore less culpable for the numerous crimes the two committed together.

The house they shared -- and the scene of those shocking offenses -- was recently purchased by a neighbor and burned to the ground.


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