Baby Lyndon Albers Sitter-Turned-Kidnapper Abi Hanna is Totally Psychotic (photos)

Nov 23, 2015

Shown arrested below, accused baby-snatcher Abigail Hanna was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation today, after her lawyer told the court she’s “hearing voices” and probably insane. 

Abigail Hanna arrest photo

Abi Hanna was arrested and charged over the weekend for brutalizing 2-year-old baby Lyndon Albers, who was found battered and naked on the side of a highway hours after being abducted.

The criminal complaint lodged against the child’s 21-year-old former babysitter says she also assaulted the toddler with a deadly weapon, shaved her head, and burned her with cigarettes.

Kidnapped and abused baby Lyndon Albers

Facing arraignment this morning in Massachusetts, the suspect looked totally out of it as a defense lawyer advised the judge that her client “is addressing serious and potentially life threatening” psychiatric problems, including “hallucinations.”

“These issues have clearly impacted her overall mental health,” attorney Susan McNeil solemnly added before entering an obligatory ‘not guilty’ plea.

Facebook photo shows Abigail Hanna in better times

The court-appointed psychologist who interviewed Hanna just before this morning’s hearing confirmed the accused kidnapper and child abuser was “experiencing multiple psychotic symptoms.”

The clinician also revealed that she has “a history of suicide attempts and memory lapses.”

Judging from Abigail Hanna’s upbeat Facebook persona -- and her parent’s stoical courtroom composure -- all of the above information appears to have been a dark but well-kept family secret.

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