#BREAKING AdultFriendFinder HACKED

May 22, 2015

Attention, AdultFriendFinder members, don’t bother logging in right now, even if you’ve got mail, because the popular dating site’s operator says they’ve just been subjected to a major security breach. 

In fact, investigators think anonymous hackers may have stolen 4-million users’ names, email addresses, and other delicate data such as sexual preferences, before the penetration was discovered today.

Worse, much of that sensitive information was then promptly posted on a lesser known website, which all of FriendFinder’s hopefuls might find both interesting and alarming.

But the Silicon Valley-based online dating service, which 64-million people currently use to "hook up, find sex, or meet someone hot now," wants to assure their clientele that one of the *hottest* cyber-security firms has been hired to address the situation ASAP.

In the interim, though, management also claims that no important financial data was actually obtained or leaked in the massive privacy invasion.

AdultFriendFinder.com joins a growing list of online enterprises, telecommunication companies, and government agencies whose allegedly-secure websites are proving vulnerable to sophisticated attacks.

Last month, for instance, Photobucket.com was severely compromised and users’ info and copyright images pilfered by a couple of profiteers.

As well, just this week, pro-Islamic hackers took over the Philadelphia city council’s dot gov site, locking the webmaster out for hours while anti-American propaganda greeted those logging on.

And now a popular dating platform … geesh, is nothing sacred?


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