BREAKING: Bill Cosby to be Arrested on Rape Charges in Philly - PA

Dec 30, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Pennsylvania authorities have just announced that Bill Cosby will be arraigned today on “felony charges” of statutory rape. 

The alleged illegal sex acts occurred in Philadelphia over a decade ago, but, evidently due to the age of Bill Cosby’s accuser at the time, statutes of limitation for criminally prosecuting him haven’t yet expired.

The female victim is said to have been associated with Temple University’s basketball team. She was also “mentored” by the comedian at one point in their “relationship.”

Prosecutors revealed that she could not have legally given her “consent” to sexual intercourse with Bill Cosby, suggesting she was in fact under-aged.

They further contend that, when she repeatedly refused his numerous sexual advances, Cosby slipped her sedatives so he could sexually assault her while she was incapable of defending herself.

The disgraced entertainer now faces dozens of similar accusations stretching back to the earliest days of his once-illustrious career, and even a handful of defamation suits for publicly calling those alleged victims gold-diggers and “liars.”

Of late, Cosby has taken to the courts himself; both suing and countersuing women who insist that he deceived them in their youth about his *honorable* intentions -- spiking their drinks without their knowledge then raping them once they were unconscious.

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