BREAKING: Pharma Price-Gouger Martin Shkreli Arrested in NYC (photo)

Dec 17, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Notorious pharma kingpin and price-gouger Martin Shkreli (below) was arrested this morning at his midtown Manhattan apartment on charges of fraud. 

BREAKING: Pharma Price-Gouger Martin Shkreli Arrested in NYC (photo)

The 32-year-old is the founder/CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals and first drew public ire and scrutiny this autumn when he suddenly drove up the price of an old standby drug from $13.50 per pill to $750.

He is accused of perpetrating similar maneuvers -- but at an exceptionally criminal level -- by his previous employer, bio firm Retrophin, where he had served as both a company head and hedge fund manager.

Retrophin, in fact, sued their former executive for his dubious dealings; in their legal papers calling him “the paradigm faithless servant” who illicitly “enriched” himself at everyone else’s expense.

It is allegedly in that capacity that Martin Shkreli was confronted by federal agents at his NYC home today and taken into police custody, Brooklyn prosecutors have stated.

They said corporate lawyer Evan Greebel, a longtime associate of Shkreli, was also arrested Thursday morning.

The indictment of the two men on charges of security fraud remains sealed at the moment, but a press conference to publicly discuss the case has been scheduled for later in the day.




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