#BREAKING - Preppie Owen Labrie Convicted of Rape in NH

Aug 28, 2015

Accused preppie rapist Owen Labrie has just been declared guilty of raping a 15-year-old fellow student at the exclusive St. Paul’s preparatory school in Concord, New Hampshire last spring.

The 9-man and 3-woman jury deliberated for about a day after closing arguments, then convicted the 19-year-old on several counts of sexual assault as well as one charge of luring his under-aged victim via his computer.

#BREAKING - Preppie Owen Labrie GUILTY of Rape in NH

The rape that Owen Labrie has been found guilty of today was part of his elite prep school’s annual “Senior Salute” ritual in which younger females were targeted for sex in what Labrie and his buddies called “slaying.”

Points were tallied for each successful slay they committed -- whether consensual or not -- and Labrie was striving to be number one in that contest, he told investigators at the time of his arrest in 2014.

After the girl pressed charges against him for sexually assaulting and even viciously biting her during the assault, he then lied about having intercourse with his accuser.

However, a number of the friends Labrie had bragged to about the sexual *encounter* later that same night ended up testifying in court against him.

DNA tests also confirmed the presence of Owen Labrie’s semen inside the victim’s undergarments.

He faced a total of nine criminal counts for planning and perpetrating the attack on the unnamed girl. The jury dismissed only one felony charge.

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