BREAKING: San Bernardino Female Shooter Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

Dec 4, 2015

BREAKING - Sources for CNN and Reuters are reporting that the San Bernardino female shooter had recently pledged allegiance to ISIS via the internet. 

According to those media agencies, federal investigators have just retrieved at least one deleted social media post by 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik pledging her support and alliance to the notorious terror group.

Malik was born in Pakistan and was in the United States for the past year on what is generally referred to as a fiancée visa.

She met her future husband and fellow Muslim mass-shooter, Syed Farook, on the Web as well.

Both are now believed to have been making regular contact with individuals on international watch-lists, and even destroyed their electronic devices prior to Wednesday’s attack in order to “cover their tracks.”

As the investigation proceeds into Farook and Malik’s mass murder motive, their *marriage* now appears to have been nothing more than an elaborate ruse to disguise their Islamic radicalization and terror plots.

Police say the couple had stored thousands of rounds of ammo and over a dozen homemade bombs at their upscale San Bernardino residence. All within reach of their newborn daughter.

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