Cadaver Dog Resurrects the Kristen Modafferi Cold Case in CA

Jun 26, 2015

The baffling Kristen Modafferi cold case has finally seen a break after a cadaver dog detected human remains in the California home where she last lived before vanishing without a trace almost two decades ago. 

The Charlotte North Carolina design student had left for Oakland CA in the summer of 1997 to continue her university studies, but mysteriously disappeared just weeks upon arrival.

Since then, there has been no credible evidence for loved ones of the attractive 18-year-old to determine if she'd somehow died or was still among the living … until this week.

That new lead is credited to a private detective and his highly-skilled sniffer dog, who the Modafferis hired to reexamine the house where their daughter had rented a room in 1997.

When the canine got a positive hit on the premises they called the Oakland police to further investigate.

“As it turns out [the dog] did find very strong evidence of human remains in the basement of the home in Oakland where Kristen had lived back in 1997,” said the long missing teen’s father. “It’s 100-percent sure there are human remains in that basement. Now, the unknown is: how old are those remains? Could be 100 years old, could be 20 years old.”

Regardless, the confirmation of human decomposition within that dwelling breathes new life into the Kristen Modafferi cold case, bringing police onboard again and, hopefully, her missing-person status one step closer to finally being solved.


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