Craigslist Hookup Proved Fatal for Lonely Widower - Oklahoma

Dec 24, 2015

Prosecutors have charged a 44-year-old Craigslist predator in the shooting death of an Oklahoma widower she was hoping to inherit a fortune from. 

Kathryn Hicks met her victim, 59-year-old Michael Beach of Cordell, over the summer through an online want ad and moved in with him shortly after their hookup.

By autumn, Beach, whose wife of 40 years had recently passed away, changed his will and retirement plans for Hicks, and even added her name to his bank accounts.

That’s when she allegedly began trying to kill him.

According to relatives of the murdered man, Michael Beach began to suspect the quarrelsome Hicks of treachery after he learned of her lengthy criminal past.

He also suspected she was trying to poison him through intentional overmedication and by serving “gritty” sickening beverages -- at least one of which required emergency room treatment.

Based on those fears, Beach kicked out the Craigslist poser in early November, but *somehow* she convinced him to let her visit again, and by the first of December he was dead.

Prior to being shot to death in a phony break-in, however, the victim had quietly disinherited his accused killer; something which Kathryn Hicks didn’t realize when she hatched her deadly plan.

She was charged this month with first-degree murder in Beach’s premeditated slaying on November 29th, but insists she’s innocent.




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