Crime Magazine Canine of the Year Award (2015)

Dec 31, 2015

PHOTOS: Crime Magazine’s canine of the year award goes to seeing-eye service dog, Figo, for throwing himself in front of a speeding bus to save his blind owner from being killed. 

Crime Magazine's K9 of the Year: 'Figo' the hero seeing-eye dog of Brewster NY

The golden retriever and his 62-year-old disabled charge suffered serious injuries during the crosswalk mishap in upstate New York this spring; but his heroics prevented the traffic incident from becoming fatal.

Even at the scene, with his own leg crushed, Figo continued to aid Audrey Stone -- crawling to her to make certain she was okay and reassuring her while she was being treated by first responders.

“He did not want to leave her side,” a spokesman for the Brewster New York police told reporters, noting that the selfless canine had intentionally taken the brunt of the impact to spare the life of his human.

“He stood right with her. He was there to save her.”

Several of Ms. Stone’s bones were broken, and both she and her faithful service dog required hospitalization and physical therapy for weeks after the June 2015 accident.

But the two were fully mended by autumn, and are back together again.

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Crime Magazine K9 of the Year Award (Figo, the hero seeing eye dog)




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