Curious Case of Angelika Graswald (femme fatale or falsely accused?)

May 2, 2015

Police say Angelika Graswald is no grieving fiancée, but rather a scheming killer who staged the Hudson River drowning death of her would-be third husband for reasons they won’t disclose yet. 

The tearful 35-year-old was taken into custody this week, just two weeks after the supposed capsized kayak mishap that claimed the life of her beau, Vincent Viafore, 46, and left her with a bad case of hypothermia as well.

His body has not been found, despite an intensive search of the 315-mile long waterway.

In the time that Viafore’s been missing, Latvian-born Graswald has done mournful news interviews and posted a steady stream of poignant media offerings online, including through her Facebook account.

But that’s just a cruel and heartless ruse, investigators insist, adding they know the sly woman’s motive for murdering her man on the evening of April 19th, but refuse to release any details right now.

Vincent Viafore and Angelika Graswald

Viafore and Graswald were a seemingly happy couple, further confounding the mystery. They had been living together in Poughkeepsie NY, which is about 50 miles north of New York City and situated on the river the two outdoor aficionados appeared to love so much.

Friends say they were planning to be married this coming summer in a riverboat ceremony that both were looking forward to.

A secret journal the suspect kept, however, indicates that she was extremely opposed to the “rough sex” her fiancé frequently desired, and sometimes “wished he was dead” for pressuring her into threesomes.

Apart from that rather ambiguous “clue” of disharmony though, there doesn’t seem to be anything else that would suggest Angelika Graswald harbored homicidal feelings towards Vincent Viafore.

“He was the love of my life,” she told the Daily News from her jail cell last night, claiming she’s been falsely accused of his killing based on misinterpretations of her diary entries and the highly public manner she chose to express her grief. “Of course I didn’t do it.”

Those who are acquainted with the woman are equally shocked that the pretty blonde’s been arrested and charged with second-degree murder; but police say there were a number of “inconsistencies” in her dramatic tale of Viafore’s capsizing and drowning that brought her under suspicion.

It was Graswald herself who cell-phoned 911 to report the fatal boating accident, purportedly while it was underway and the victim -- who had no life jacket -- was still struggling to stay alive in the frigid, choppy waters of the mighty Hudson.

Each of their lost kayaks have since been retrieved, adding some credibility to her account, but if homicide detectives are correct in their theory, who knows that the tragic event she described ever actually happened….?


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