Did Someone Murder The Mayor-Elect of Juneau Alaska?

Dec 1, 2015

PHOTO: Alaskan officials are “actively investigating” the sudden death of Juneau’s newly elected mayor, Greg Fisk. 

Popular mayor-elect Fisk easily ousted incumbent Merrill Sanford this past October -- Fisk’s adult son found him dead yesterday at his home in the state’s capitol of *unspecified* causes.

Did Someone Murder the Mayor-Elect of Juneau Alaska?

Spokespeople for the Juneau Police Department have issued a statement to quell “rumors that an assault occurred in connection with Fisk’s death,” dismissing these, for the moment, as mere “speculation.”

The JPD did note, however, that Stephen Greg Fisk was pronounced dead at the scene and that “all evidence” found there is being “preserved and documented,” seemingly confirming that foul play cannot be ruled out yet.

Greg Fisk was in his early 70s but believed to be in robust health. An autopsy to pinpoint the cause and manner of his unexpected passing is currently in progress.



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