Distributed Denial of Service Cyber Attack Blackens BBC - London

Dec 31, 2015

Anonymous sources for the BBC news say the London-based broadcast company went offline today because of a massive denial-of-service cyber attack. 

On Twitter, though, representatives of the media giant merely referred to Thursday’s four-hour blackout as a “technical issue” and declined to provide reporters more information.

A DDoS -- code for a ‘distributed denial of service’ hack -- prevents normal access to a site because its being subjected to more web traffic than it can accommodate at one time.

That type of takedown is usually achieved when hackers employ millions of “zombie” computers, without the owners of the compromised devices even being aware they’re part of a nefarious network.

BBC is one of the most popular news destinations in the world. Users reported that both its online radio and television services were affected by this morning’s denial of service cyber-attack.




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