Ex Olympian Jenner Sued in Case of Vehicular Homicide - CA

Dec 6, 2015

California officials declined to pursue criminal charges against ex Olympic athlete Jenner for causing multiple casualties and one fatality in a car crash last winter. 

That decision upholds an unspoken policy of not prosecuting prominent citizens when they break the law -- even accidentally -- but it doesn’t prevent civil suits, three of which Jenner is now facing.

Ex Olympian Jenner Sued in Case of Vehicular Homicide - CA

The reality star fatally rear-ended one motorist in the February 2015 traffic incident, catapulting Kim Howe’s sedan into oncoming traffic and killing her at the scene.

But many other vehicles were sucked into the preventable and deadly event too, colliding into each other like domino pieces and resulting in a host of injuries requiring costly hospitalization.

Citing “tremendous distress and suffering,” another of those victims has finally sued Jenner to recover damages incurred in last year’s fatal car crash, including for physical and emotional trauma.

Two young children of plaintiff family Wolf-Milesi were also harmed as a consequence of the television star driving too fast on an icy highway to brake in time to prevent a serious accident.

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