Ex-Speaker Dennis Hastert Tells Judge He Knew He Did Wrong - Chicago

Oct 28, 2015

Disgraced ex-speaker Dennis Hastert admitted to intentional wrongdoing today in an illicit banking scheme that centered around child sex-abuse allegations and hush money. 

The 73-year-old Republican appeared in a Chicago courtroom on Wednesday and entered a guilty plea to charges of illegally withdrawing over $3-million as payoffs to a former unnamed victim.

Defense attorneys recommended their high-profile client plead guilty to banking fraud in hopes of thwarting a dragged out trial and more embarrassing disclosures and testimony.

Dennis Hastert may have also faced years in prison for defrauding bank regulators and lying to FBI agents, if he was convicted, legal experts have speculated.

Under his current plea offering, the latter charges would be dropped and he could be jailed for as little as six months, possibly in the form of house arrest.

However, the judge did warn the former Speaker of the House that he could still opt to give him a longer sentence, despite Hastert’s admission of guilt and show of contrition.

Customarily, though, justices tend to be more lenient on defendants who work to resolve their criminal cases in lieu of costly court proceedings.




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