Facebook Video of Tot Smoking Pot Under Investigation (screengrab)

Dec 4, 2015

Video of a tot smoking pot was recently uploaded to Facebook and is now the subject of a police investigation for child endangerment. 

Facebook Video of Tot Smoking Pot Under Investigation (screengrab)

Chicago officials say a woman who wished to remain anonymous brought the matter to the attention of a local citizen activist this week, who then determined the film was authentic and turned it over to police.

Whoever she is, she’s evidently not linked to the Facebook crime but reportedly discovered the incriminating footage of it while surfing the website.

The Chicago Police Department is hoping the public might recognize the toddler boy in the video, and/or the voice of the man coaching him off camera to toke from a marijuana joint.

A spokesman for the CPD says criminal charges for endangering the welfare of a minor await that individual if the suspect can be apprehended.

He is heard in the background ordering the diapered boy to “smoke, man, inhale” and making sucking noises.

It’s not known if the tape originates from the Chicago Police Department’s jurisdiction, but in the meantime their detectives are heading up the probe.

Anyone with information about the case of the pot-smoking tot is urged to contact the CPD’s Special Victims Unit immediately.


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