Former Top Aide to Vladimir Putin Found Dead in DC - Maryland

Nov 7, 2015

Longtime Putin aide, Mikhail Lesin, was found dead in a Washington DC hotel room on Thursday and Maryland officials are probing the circumstances of the millionaire’s sudden death. 

The Russian embassy contacted capitol police this week to report that one of their country’s top level citizens had died while visiting the United States.

Lesin, who served under Putin from 1999 to 2004, is best known for his role in censoring Russia’s independent media agencies.

It is widely believed that political corruption and money laundering are the source of his great wealth.

According to one American lawmaker, Mikhail Lesin had somehow “acquired multimillion dollar assets” in both Europe and the United States -- holdings far above what a civil servant could make or save, and which “raises serious questions.”

It’s not yet known if Lesin died at the Hotel Dupont by natural causes, or if a homicide or a suicide is suspected.

A spokesman for the Maryland Police Department confirmed only that a “death investigation” had been launched and was still in progress this weekend.

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