Four More Serial Killer Victims Found at Connecticut Strip Mall

May 12, 2015 - by Eponymous Rox

Corpses of four more serial killer victims were unearthed behind a strip mall in New Britain, Connecticut this spring, bringing the unknown murderer’s body count to seven. 

The dumping ground was accidentally discovered several years ago and has been the subject of forensic excavations ever since.

Investigators have hinted broadly they know who the suspect is, but have never actually identified that individual, who, they insist, “is not a threat to the public.” Something which strongly suggests the killer may also be dead now, or presently incarcerated.

From a historical standpoint the recent discovery of human remains at the killer’s “burial site” means that the state’s most infamous serial murderer to date, Michael Ross, now has some competition as Connecticut’s most prolific slayer.

Ross confessed he abducted and slew eight females in the states of New York and Connecticut during the 1980s, and was executed in 2005 for the bloody crime spree.

Three victims of his latest anonymous rival have already been identified as Diane Cusack, Joyvaline Martinez, and Mary Jane Menard, all of whom frequented the same downtown New Britain district they disappeared in.

The skeletal remains of those formerly missing women were stumbled upon by a hunter in a wooded parcel behind the New Britain strip mall in 2007.

Technically, a tally of three killings within the same timeframe is what qualifies such homicides as serial murder, and thus detectives and forensic experts have been probing the body dump annually since the initial grisly find.

Of the four more serial killer victims they’ve found there in the years hence, only one so far has been positively identified.

Melanie Ruth Camilini, a mother of two, was reported missing under suspicious circumstances in 2003.



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