France Hunts Militant Moslems Who Killed and Maimed 100s of Unarmed Parisians.

Nov 14, 2015

French officials report that nearly 150 concert attendees were killed last night in Paris and another 300 or more injured, some critically. None of the victims were armed. 

Today, with its borders sealed to prevent the militant Moslems who aided these suicide-gunmen from fleeing, France has vowed to strike back “pitilessly” for the carnage.

The main attack occurred at the Bataclan theater when at least eight unmasked men with machineguns entered the crowded venue, began shouting Allah is great, and opened fire on the bar and then into the stands.

The music hall can accommodate upwards of 1500 people at a time and was packed when gunfire erupted there.

Video has emerged showing scores of theatergoers literally dragging their wounded friends to safety, while others sought refuge on rooftops or in backrooms and alleys, where they were trapped for hours.

Investigators say that, as police and other first responders arrived en masse and surrounded the besieged building, the heavily-armed militants cowardly killed themselves by setting off their explosive vests.

The surprise assault on Bataclan, which was “well coordinated” and considered the worst since WWII, occurred simultaneously with other smaller ones in the heart of Paris, including at a stadium where President Hollande was attending a soccer match.

Worldwide, incidences of suicidal males massacring unarmed citizens is rapidly escalating, and the *reasons* given vary broadly -- these eight and their cohorts still at large claimed “Syria” motivated the latest bloodbath.

Mass Murder, terrorism

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