Freed Thief Back in Jail for Robbing Same Place

Jun 7, 2015

A forgetful thief just out of prison after serving 15 years in the armed robbery of a local shoe store is now facing 16 more years for holding up the same place. 

Christopher Miller, 41, was instantly recognized by the Toms River NJ boutique’s manager, who remembered the absentminded thug from the 1999 ill fated heist he had perpetrated there.

This time, however, the newly-released inmate made off with about $400 from the Stride Rite shoe store.

But Miller was nabbed a short while later after his somewhat stupefied and very disgusted stickup victim gave his name and description to police officers.

Following the repetitive repeat-offender’s sentencing on Friday, Christopher Miller explained to the New York Post that it had completely slipped his mind he’d robbed the exact same place before.

That interview, of course, was conducted in jail.


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