FROZEN: What Caused Young Cryotherapist to Freakishly Die in Seconds?

Oct 28, 2015

Police are investigating what caused a young cryotherapist to “die in seconds” inside a chryotherapy tank at the Las Vegas beauty salon where she worked, then freeze there “rock-hard solid” overnight. 

So far no foul play has been determined in the freakish death of 24-year-old Chelsea Ake-Salvacion who seems to have suffocated and frozen to death during a private afterhours session.

Spokespeople for the Rejuvenice day spa said their employee Ake-Salvacion should not have been alone at the facility on Monday night when she “improperly” set one of their subzero machines and climbed into it.

An autopsy has not been completed yet, but an incident report already indicates that the young woman died in the frigid unit almost instantly; although why she couldn’t exit the tank in time to save her life is still being probed.

The victim was a “passionate” proponent of cryotherapy, which subjects practitioners to below-arctic temperatures intended to suspend and even reverse the aging process.

Some other advertised -- albeit unproven -- benefits of brief deep-chilling therapy include weight loss, strengthened immunity, and relief from skeletal or muscular damage.

The subfreezing tanks can reach temperatures of minus-230 degrees Fahrenheit, but are “never locked” and have numerous other safeguards so users can quickly get in and out without harming themselves.

However, no one should have known better than Chelsea Ake-Salvacion that the most important safety precaution when using a cryotherapy tank is to have “assistance with the machine.”

On the evening of October 19th “Ake used it alone,” the preliminary police report states. “It appears she did not have the level setting at the proper height, she did not get enough oxygen, and she suffocated and froze herself to death.”

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