Gang Raped, Robbed and Drowned - South Africa

Nov 9, 2015

A peaceful and picturesque South African park became a place of terror for two married couples taking an evening stroll together late last month. 

The group was assaulted at gunpoint by a dozen young thugs, then the women forced to watch as their husbands were tied up with their own clothing and drowned in the nearby lake.

At least one suspect -- a Zimbabwean in his early twenties -- appeared in court today on charges related to murder, sex abuse and robbery, but the hearing was postponed till a later date.

One of his male victims was reportedly the same age and taught children at a public school in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It’s not clear if the other 11 assailants involved in the October gang rape, robbery and drownings at Rhodes Park are also foreigners, or if they’re all in custody yet.

Joburg police had earlier appealed to those with knowledge of the attack and/or the perpetrators to phone their 24-hour hotline at 08600-101.

The unusually brutal crime has shocked a nation long plagued with homicides and sexual violence.



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