Ghoulish Florida Dentist Sued for Gruesome Dentistry Closes Shop of Horrors

May 23, 2015

A Florida dentist sued for gruesome and often unneeded dental procedures on poor children has closed his “house of horrors” and relinquished his license to perform dentistry. 

That decision on Friday comes in the wake of multiple lawsuits and Health Department complaints against Dr. Howard Schneider, who the state’s Attorney General is also investigating.

Scores of furious Jacksonville families claim that the pariah practitioner cruelly administered his dental skills on their destitute children, often injuring his young patients and even terrorizing them so they wouldn’t tell their parents.

In one class action suit alone there are already 60 plaintiffs alleging medical malice and malpractice, and with more victims coming forward every week that number could easily quadruple, lawyers predict.

Dr. Schneider’s pediatric practice is evidently the only one in the area that accepts Medicaid subsidies, which helped him attract hundreds of impoverished clients whose dentist bills were guaranteed to be paid by the government.

That fact has additionally brought Schneider and his office under review now for possible fraud in some $4-million worth of reimbursements in just the past four years.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the embattled doctor’s faced litigation over professional misconduct -- he’s twice been sued on similar charges, with one suit successfully mediated away, and the other dropped in lieu of an undisclosed settlement.

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