Google Cheats are Gaming Search Results to favor ... Google (of course)

Jun 29, 2015

New research reveals Google cheats are gaming search results to favor its own online content over all others. 

The corporation has “increasingly developed and promoted its own content as an alternative to results from other websites,” says Harvard Business School economist Michael Luca, who helped exposed the illicit scheme in a recent report.

Luca and coauthors Tim Wu and the Yelp Data Science team spent months poring over incriminating data to reach that not-so-startling conclusion which, by no coincidence, parallels similar findings by other individuals, agencies, and even the European Union.

Rigging or fixing systems which the public invests a great deal of trust in is, of course, not only an unfair business practice, it’s totally against the law -- as Microsoft learned when it was trust-busted by the feds way back when.

But Tim Wu says an even bigger problem for people relying now on Google’s fraudulent search engine results is that they’re getting inferior service because of the unethical monkey business.

“The main surprising and shocking realization is that Google is not presenting its best product,” states Wu, a former advisor for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. “In fact, it’s presenting a version of the product that’s degraded and intentionally worse for consumers … this is the closest I’ve seen Google come to the Microsoft case.”

Fortune Magazine broke this story today, and reports that none of the accused Google cheats gaming search results in the company's own favor have yet responded to those allegations.


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