Guardian Angels Back To Work in Crime Plagued NYC

Aug 16, 2015

The famed Guardian Angels are back to work in NYC, following a troubling spike in assaults and robberies this year. 

The red-clad vigilante group was a familiar sight in Gotham’s streets and underground during the 1980s and 90s, but not so much in recent years when violent crime rates have allegedly plummeted.

This week, however, they were spotted in numbers patrolling Central Park, after a spate of attacks there have made it obvious the nature retreat is once more not a safe place, especially during evening hours.

Critics of law enforcement agencies, particularly those in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, claim 2015’s astonishing increase in violence was precipitated by an intentional slowdown by cops on the beat angry over recent protests.

Guardian Angels Back To Work in Crime Plagued NYC

Departments in cities like New York and Baltimore have come under unwanted scrutiny this year for their heavy handed -- and often racially motivated -- encounters with suspects that on a few occasions also turned deadly.

In fact, after the Freddie Gray in-custody death and resulting riots, arson and looting, Baltimore is currently experiencing one of its most lawless years on record, whilst arrests have simultaneously dropped to an all time low.

New York City is nowhere near that level of crisis, but, since the criminal element is slowly but surely regaining an upper-hand there too, it’s reassuring to see Guardian Angels emerging from the shadows again.

“We realize things are much better than they were," the real life superhero-team’s founder, Curtis Sliwa, explained to reporters over the weekend. “We want it to stay that way.”


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