Hacking the Lottery Does Not Make You a Winner

Apr 15, 2015

An insider accused of hacking the lottery and then “winning” $14.3 million in the high tech heist will have to accept the fact now that it doesn’t make him a real winner. 

It will, however, give him a one-way ticket to jail.

Iowa prosecutors say Eddie Tipton, a former info-security director for the state’s lottery, helped himself to a mega million-dollar jackpot in late 2010, and then stashed it in various holding companies.

Techie Tipton apparently accomplished the sleight of hand via a rogue USB drive and a “rootkit” program designed to self destruct after its dirty deed was done – rigging the lottery system’s random-number generator.

Leaving absolutely nothing to chance, he also tampered with the video surveillance camera.

That level of sophistication meant it took investigators some serious sleuthing to retrace the hacker’s virtual footsteps, although, obviously, the newly *self-made* millionaire himself was easy enough to detect.

After hacking the lottery, Eddie Tipton waited for over a month before buying the “winning number” and, believe it or not, delayed cashing in his lucky ticket until it was almost ready to expire.

His ultimate reward for all this patient plotting? Two counts of fraud, five years in prison, and a $7500 fine … if convicted.


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