Hi Ho Sheldon Silver Away (Corrupt NY Assembly Speaker Convicted)

Dec 1, 2015

PHOTO: A New York jury convicted notorious assembly-speaker Sheldon Silver of political corruption and multimillion-dollar kickbacks yesterday. 

Hi Ho Sheldon Silver Away (Corrupt NY Assembly Speaker Convicted)

Silver’s rapid fall from grace in 2015 still has the state’s capitol city reeling, but reveals just the tip of the dirty dealings which has made Albany and its upstate sister-cities infamous for over a century.

Shelly Silver was first elected to office in the mid 1970s and was ultimately snagged last January for his Boss Tweed style of politicking which prosecutors proved beyond reasonable doubt included bribery, nepotism, and cronyism.

His conviction on those charges drastically reduces the “three men in a room” who arbitrarily and capriciously have dominated state politics to only two men now -- the governor and the senate leader.

Once and for all, it also brings to a screeching halt the crooked business-as-usual ethos that has run rampant in NY for too long, and which, this decade, has led to dozens of other prominent officials, like Sheldon Silver, finally doing the perp walk.




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