Irish Rogue Banker David Drumm Busted in Boston MA

Oct 11, 2015 - by Eponymous Rox

Shown below, accused Irish rogue banker David Drumm was arrested this weekend in Boston Massachusetts. 

Irish Rogue Banker David Drumm Busted in Boston MA

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s office said the 48-year-old former banking executive was wanted on an extradition warrant in connection with outstanding charges of fraud at Ireland’s Anglo Irish Bank.

Drumm was AIB’s chief officer when, amid revelations concerning the institution’s dubious loan practices, it imploded during the global financial collapse of 2008.

Less than a year later, the powerful and wealthy banker had fled his homeland for the United States, taking up residence in the Boston area, transferring his fortune into secret accounts, and filing for bankruptcy.

David Drumm has been sought by Irish authorities ever since, and was taken into American custody on Saturday.

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