Justice At Last in Cold Case Murder of 6-Year-Old Boy from CA

Oct 25, 2015

A grieving mom who phoned cold case detectives every year since 1986 when her little boy was found stabbed to death got a much-awaited callback from the police this month. 

Ana Bradshaw said she always believed the killer of her 6-year-old son Miguel Antero would get caught, but that she wept for a long time after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department finally notified her that he was in custody.

Idaho authorities first nabbed 53-year-old Kenneth Rasmuson this spring, after DNA tests linked him to another young boy’s equally-brutal sex assault and murder more than 30 years ago.

In 1981, Rasmuson abducted first-grader Jeffrey Vargo from his Anaheim Hills neighborhood, then dumped the strangled victim’s partially naked body at a nearby construction site.

A few years later he did the same to Ana Bradshaw’s son, snatching Miguel just as the youngster was getting off a school bus and leaving his semi-mutilated corpse in scrubland close to his parent’s house.

This past March, the known child-molester was arrested in Vargo’s cold case slaying; and, when a retired LAPD sergeant saw coverage of it on television, he instantly “knew” that the suspect was Miguel Antero’s killer too.

John Laurie then contacted a colleague who still worked at the LA sheriff’s office, and that individual gathered old files and evidence together, ordering a DNA test to see if it matched Kenneth Rasmuson’s.

The two samples were identical.

Miguel’s mom Ana Bradshaw was by now living in Georgia -- she says she “broke down in tears” when California detectives called to tell her that her son’s cold case murder was finally solved.


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