#JusticeForReeva - Oscar Pistorius Found GUILTY of Murder on Appeal (foto-art)

Dec 3, 2015

Oscar Pistorius, the killer of Reeva Steenkamp, has been declared guilty of murdering her, after an appellate panel overturned a lesser charge of accidental manslaughter. 

#JusticeForReeva - Oscar Pistorius Found GUILTY of Murder on Appeal (photo art)

South Africa's high court found Pistorius fully knew when he shot multiple times at Ms. Steenkamp through the door of a bathroom where she was hiding from him that she’d die as a consequence:

“No doubt that, in firing the fatal shots, the accused must have foreseen, and therefore did foresee, that whoever was behind the toilet door might die, but reconciled himself to that event occurring and gambled with that person’s life.”

Finding such knowledge aforehand demonstrated a premeditated act, the judges stated “this constituted dolus eventualis on his part, and the identity of his victim is irrelevant to his guilt.”

The long awaited verdict sets aside a lower trial-judge’s implausibly lenient finding that Oscar Pistorius “mistakenly” killed his lover during a Valentine’s Day quarrel in 2013 because he thought she “was an intruder” and “feared for his life.”

The reversal comes just as BladeRunner Pistorius had been released on “home arrest” to his wealthy uncle’s mansion and was photographed there already partying.

The disgraced celebrity athlete served less than a year -- in a prison medical ward -- for brutally and deliberately killing Reeva Steenkamp while in one of his notorious roid rages over ‘another man.’




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