K9 Lucas Rescues Ambushed Deputy

May 27, 2015 - by Eponymous Rox

An ambushed deputy has K9 Lucas to thank for thwarting three criminals bent on harm and, very likely, saving his life in the process. 

On Monday, Mississippi patrolman Todd Frazier was traveling a rural stretch of highway with his trusty black Belgian Malinois at his side when he saw a suspicious-looking vehicle parked at an abandoned rest-stop.

When the deputy pulled over to investigate why the driver seemed motionless, he was attacked by two men who had apparently been hiding someplace just outside of the Lincoln Town car.

"Two individuals surprised Deputy Frazier from the shadows and an altercation ensued," a police spokesman reports. "One cut him across the forehead with a razor, one choked him, and one grabbed his legs to carry him to the edge of the woods."

The overpowered officer still had enough wherewithal to release K9 Lucas from his squad car who, in turn, gave the suspects chase and bit all three of them so many times, he chipped his teeth during the assault.

In fact, even as the assailants were attempting to flee in their car Lucas was reportedly still chomping down on one of the men’s legs.

Both Deputy Frazier and his loyal service dog, who he trained himself, sustained a few minor injuries in the surprise attack, but are said to be in good spirits and recuperating -- together.

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