Kiddie Lemonade Stand Illegal Says Texas

Jun 11, 2015 - by Eponymous Rox

Texas police shuttered a kiddie lemonade stand and ordered the youngsters “illegally” running the roadside operation to pay a hefty price for a license if they want to reopen it. 

The two young entrepreneurs are sisters -- 7 and 8 years of age -- and told ABC News that they were simply trying to raise money to take their dad on vacation for Father’s Day.

To those honest ends, the pair sold about $25 worth of their homemade refreshments to passersby and motorists … until sour-pussed Texan lawmen showed up and rained down on their parade.

Apparently industrious children endeavoring to fundraise the tried and true old-fashioned way are now required to procure a “peddlers permit” first, the price of which is prohibitively expensive.

But you know what they say about making lemonade if Life hands you a lemon -- the savvy siblings have restructured their business plans and, from here on in, will be giving their lemonade away for free…

In exchange for donations, of course.

Eponymous Rox

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