KKK and Prison Guards Plotted to Kill Black Inmate

Apr 3, 2015

A murderous mishmash of KKK and prison guards plotted a black inmate’s murder, Florida officials report. 

That’s landed the bunch of hoods in jail themselves, as the FBI continues to investigate the matter.

Allegedly the motive for the would-be murder scheme was simple revenge, after one of the correction officers -- a Klansman himself -- lost a fistfight with the prisoner shortly before he was released on parole.

For decades Florida prisons have been the subject of criticism and scorn, and this has only intensified, now that the state’s system has been privatized.

Overcrowding, underfunding, and widespread violence are the most common problems cited by privatization critics, who complain that in recent years these outstanding issues have contributed to an alarming spike in inmate deaths.

In fact, last year’s tally of 346 incarceration fatalities set an all time record high for the Sunshine State, and there’s no telling now what percent of those were actually orchestrated by the Ku Klux Klan themselves.

But the fact that Florida's KKK and prison guards hatched even one plot to kill a prisoner is definitely a worrisome development.


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