The Latest from Brussels Lockdown (Terror Twits and Cat Pics)

Nov 23, 2015

Levity arises amid a massive #BrusselsLockdown and high alert, as brave Belgians “shelter in place” with their equally courageous kitties… 

Belgium authorities are tightening the noose around cowardly Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam and his fellow miscreants who killed or maimed almost 500 unarmed Parisians on November 13th.

To achieve those ends, they’ve asked the public for a social media blackout too, so that no one inadvertently shares photos online of the massive police sweep.

As can be seen by the latest viral trends, that unprecedented cooperation has led to thousands of Belgian #lolcats being offered to Daesh deviants instead.

The Latest from Brussels Lockdown (Terror Twits and Cat Pics)

So far the Brussels lockdown has successfully netted almost two-dozen ISIS criminals over the weekend, and federal authorities believe their citizens’ online feline campaign has been a contributing factor:

“The federal prosecutor and the police services must thank the press and social media users for taking into account the needs of the ongoing operation,” a spokesman for the Belgian prosecutors’ office gratefully announced today.

The prime Paris suspect and some of his cohorts still remain at large, of course. But with scads of cops and cats giving them chase this week, their days of freedom are definitely numbered.




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