Michigan Prison Food is Garbage (for real)

Apr 1, 2015

No joke, prison food is garbage in Michigan detention centers where the notorious *culinary* service provider Aramark is in charge of the menu. 

Allegedly on the orders of the infamous food vendor’s higher-ups, employees collected old meat discarded in trash bins at the Saginaw Correctional Facility, then put those scraps through a brief wash cycle and served them again.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time Aramark has been found guilty of such an unsavory offense.

Last year, one captive audience at an Ohio penitentiary was treated to live entertainment in Aramark’s prepackaged meals – maggots -- while, in Kentucky, the caterer’s disgustingly low quality jailhouse entrees has actually caused rioting.

Maggots again?However, no prison population has fared worse at Aramark’s hands (so far) than Florida’s did during the food poisoning outbreak of 2008 that saw over 270 inmates sickened after eating tainted chili.

As a matter fact, even the present scandal in Michigan isn’t an isolated incident. That state has already fined the corporation $200,000 for serving maggots to prisoners last year.

It’s unclear what’s causing Aramark to stoop so low that their prison food is garbage, but for a company that brags “food safety is our priority, and we have layers of protection,” they sure better hope that also includes a few fast-talking attorneys.



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