MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Nancy Bromet Garcia, 37 of FLA (photo)

Dec 11, 2015

ALERT: Worried loved ones of Nancy Bromet Garcia (below), and the Florida police, are seeking the public’s help in solving her missing persons case. 

MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Nancy Bromet Garcia, 37 of FLA (photo)

Ms. Bromet disappeared from El Centro on November 17th when her boyfriend, a long haul trucker, allegedly dropped her off at an area mall to do some shopping while he finished making his deliveries.

According to commercial driver Jay Cruz, the two were expecting to rendezvous at that same location only a couple of hours later, but Gromet didn’t show up and he never heard from her again.

Nancy Gromet Garcia is a 37-year-old Hispanic woman about 5-foot-2 and 160 pounds.

Anyone who knows what happened to her is asked to contact Detective Luis Hernandez with the El Centro Police Department at 760-425-3869, and reference case number 15E‪-3587.

The Sunrise Police Department of Florida, where Cruz and the missing woman originally departed from together, is also involved in this matter -- contact Detective Jason Zinn there at 954-746-3563 (case #42-15511-072295).

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