Missing Persons Mystery Deepens in El Dorado CA

Sep 24, 2015

A missing persons mystery deepens this week as investigators try to ascertain the whereabouts of a family of three and the charred remains of two unidentified victims found on their El Dorado property. 

Adam Buchanan, 37, Molly McAfee, 36, and the couple’s 7-year-old son, Gavin Buchanan, disappeared without a trace on September 11th en route, allegedly, to their vacation cabin.

The smoldering building and surrounding acreage was discovered days later, and, in the rubble, the bodies of two individuals burned beyond recognition.

Missing Persons Mystery Deepens in El Dorado CA

A 16-year-old son did not accompany his parents on the trip and was, instead, at the family’s primary residence in Benicia when police warrants were executed there -- and at his father’s office nearby -- on the 15th.

According to an attorney representing the missing family’s relatives, detectives seized a number of items in their “heavy-handed” search, including business records, computers and a pickup truck.

Police have been tightlipped about this missing persons case, however, not even saying whether they believe the disappearances, or the cabin fire that apparently claimed two peoples’ lives, involved foul play.

“Right now we have to be vague,” a Sheriff’s spokesman said. “Until the bodies are identified, there are a million possible scenarios.”

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