Murderers of Dr. Teresa Sievers Are Friends of Her Husband (photo)

Sep 4, 2015

Two men charged in the murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers are friends of her husband Mark Sievers, Florida prosecutors indicated yesterday. 

Curtis Wright, 47 of Hillsboro Missouri, and Jimmy “the Hammer” Rodgers, 25 of Cadet, are both in custody in their home state on homicide charges.

The Sievers ran a holistic healing center together, and the slain physician had returned alone to their Bonita Springs Florida home on June 29, 2015 when the accused killers fatally attacked her there.

Murderers of Dr. Teresa Sievers Are Friends of Her Husband (update)

No motive or other details have been released at this time, except that the 46-year-old doctor was “brutally murdered” in one of the “most complicated, intricate set of circumstances that most of us have ever seen,” said a law enforcement spokesman.

Wright, the eldest of the “two vicious killers” apprehended on Thursday, attended high school with the victim’s husband and is further identified as “brother” on Marc Sievers' Facebook page.

His younger accused accomplice has a criminal past including a federal weapons conviction, but the men’s relationship, apart from their alleged roles in the “horrific” slaying of Dr. Sievers, hasn’t been fully divulged.

Each has been charged with second-degree murder, although the case isn’t considered closed yet.

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